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Beauty & the Beast Toy Box


While working as an intern at PRG I designed and built a Beauty and the Beast theme toy box for my little sister. The box itself is constructed using 1/2" Baltic birch plywood. The faux exposed stone was carved into polyurethane foam and coated with resin before painting. The three individual stained glass windows were painted onto clear acrylic for the lid. The lid was then backed with a mirrored acrylic sheet to reflect light through the stained glass. Scrap molding pieces were then used to finish the lid. I really enjoyed getting to experiment with different materials and techniques for this project that were new to me.

B&B Toy Box - Stain Glass 1.PNG
B&B Toy Box - Stain Glass 2.PNG

PROCESS PICTURE. These are examples of the stained glass designs being painted on 1/4" acrylic.


PROCESS PICTURE. This is front foam carving of the faux exposed stone, and the first time I have ever carved foam. The two sides of the toy box also similar carvings.

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