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Cross Haul

01-Cross Haul.jpg

For the final project of our Advanced Rigging class we were broken up into groups and either had to design a performer flying system or learn and demonstrate a specific rope access technique. My group studied how to perform a cross haul with rope access, where we had to laterally move a load through the air from one side to another. This technique can be used to transport materials or for human rescue.

Above is a view of one of our groups many practice sessions from the catwalk space of the Iseman Theater. We did a final presentation of this cross haul for the class and other guests at the end of the semester

Cross Haul Guide Cover.PNG
Cross Haul Guide Example Page 1.PNG
Cross Haul Guide Example Page 2.PNG

CROSS HAUL GUIDE SAMPLES. For our final presentation I created an illustrated step-by-step guide to perform a cross haul using the program V-Rigger as an additional visual guide. These few pages from that guide show the images and descriptions created.

02-Cross Haul.jpg

PROCESS PICTURE. A side view of group members using the cross haul to move two 75 pound sandbags in the air from one side of the  theater to the other. Each member of our group had to become familiar with and execute this rope access rigging system.

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