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Productions On Point is a survey and layout company for the entertainment industry. They provide a number of services including 3D laser scanning, drafting, mark out, and aerial image traces. With the use of a Faro laser scanner, geospatial surveying equipment, as well as traditional surveying and layout techniques, their produced work is highly accurate. As an apprentice I was mainly responsible for preparing and assisting with mark outs, managing and expanding our AutoCAD block library, and drafting a range of 2D and 3D projects.

Liberty State Park Trimble
Summer Party Layout.jpg

SPECIALIZED EQUIPMENT. These images are of the survey equipment we used to do large and accurate mark outs. Left is a Trimble geospatial total station, and right is the prism and data collection device used to pinpoint our marks.

RBSP-101_REVISED 2.png

AERIAL TRACE & EVENT SITE PLAN EXAMPLE. This drawing package is one of the site plans I made for an event being produced in Riverbank State Park. Using aerial images I created an AutoCAD 2D drawing of the park by tracing the landscape and placing blocks from our library. After making the aerial trace drawing, I laid out the event's site plan by placing, manipulating, and building different blocks and linetypes. The client requested different scaled views of the site plan and for specific site information to be displayed on multiple plates.

K Lot Option B_Isometric.PNG
K Lot Option B_Front Elevation.PNG

3D TENT MODEL. This is a 3D model I produced using AutoCAD of a tent structure that we were commissioned to draft.

Slimefest - Cheat Sheet.PNG

"CHEAT"  WORKSHEET EXAMPLE. When doing a layout for an outdoor event site we used flags and spray paint/chalk to mark out the temporary support infrastructure to coordinate in advance for all the departments (a.e. Scenery, Tenting, Barriers, etc.). I generated this form of "cheat" worksheet for each event as a means to organize our materials prior to arriving on site and track our progress throughout the layout.

Productions On Point 

Drafting and On-Site Apprentice
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