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Lift & Sunroof Overview.PNG

This is  a scissor lift and sunroof design for a Technical Design III class. In this class each student was assigned to design a different mechanical automation system for our new automation and rigging lab spaces. For this technical design I had to budget materials and labor hours, specify building materials and hardware to be ordered, and create construction drawings for the carpentry staff to build this unit. During the build process for this scissor lift and sunroof, I had to communicate with the carpentry staff remotely due to COVID-19. I sent drawing to the staff for feedback on additional information or views that may be helpful for the efficiency of this build, since we could not share in-person communication. 

Plate 122 - Sunroof.PNG
Sunroof 2.PNG

3D MODEL & DRAWING PLATE SAMPLE. I drafted the entirety of the scissor lift and sunroof using Autodesk Inventor. This was not a requirement of the assignment, I chose to do this to better familiarize myself with the program and it seemed like a better platform for this type of mechanical design. The above right image is the 3D assembly of one of the bi-parting sunroof doors. Above left is a sample from the construction drawings for the sunroof doors.

SHOP TRIAL. Prior to loading in the Scissor Lift and Sunroof Demo into the Automation Lab, the staff carpenters did a trial assembly of the unit in our wood shop. In that shop trial they tested the sunroof operating using the jog functions.

Load-in Drawing Overview.PNG
Load-in Drawing 2.PNG
Load-in Drawing 1.PNG
Load-in Drawing 4.PNG

LOAD-IN DRAWING SAMPLES. These are a few selected plates from the load-in drawing packet. Since there was a significant amount of hardware and fasteners needed to assemble this unit, I included a hardware list for each step of the assembly that specified the necessary quantity, hardware type, and connection detail. 

123-1 (1).jpg

SHOP ASSEMBLY. This is a view of the front of the unit during the shop assembly. At this phase staff carpenter, Libby Stone, and shop supervisor, Eric Sparks, work to attach and tension the ANSI 40 chain to the sunroof cars.

ACRYLIC SUNROOF GUIDES. Since the purpose of this demo is to be used as a learning tool, we made the decision to build the front sunroof guides using clear acrylic. This is a view of the acrylic being polished by carpenter Libby Stone after using the CNC mill to cut the guide profile.

Scissor Lift & Sunroof Demo

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