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The Seagull

Props Master

Yale School of Drama

Directed by Joan MacIntosh | Sarah Karl (Scenic Design)

Samuel Chan (Lighting Design) | Jessie Chen (Costume Design) 


For an acting project production of The Seagull, I served as the Props Master. In this position I was responsible for all the furniture, set dressing, hand props, and consumables used for this production. One of the more exciting projects in this role was constructing the dead seagull. I facilitated conversations between Set Designer, Sarah Karl, and Director, Joan MacIntosh, on the desired overall look and interactions with the deceased bird to determine the materials needed for the final product.


BUILDING MATERIALS & PROCESS PICTURE. Above left is a view of the building materials selected for this prop. I used a dog training bird dummy, Grouse wings, and grey and white feather hackles. Above right is a progress picture of the feather being adhered to the bird dummy using hot glue.


COMPLETED DEAD SEAGULL. The two images above show the finished construction of this prop. The legs were fabricated by work-study labor, Valerie Tu, using florist wire and painters tape.

Act II.jpg

PRODUCTION PICTURE. Act II, Konstantin presents the dead seagull to Nina as a proclamation of his love.


STUFFED SEAGULL. This taxidermy seagull was a prop used in the last act of the production and was our model for the dead seagull prop

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