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Wood Panel Door


As an undergraduate at State University of New York at New Paltz I did an independent study on woodworking where I had to learn about and how to fabricate different types of wood joinery using the tools in our shop. For my final project I built a custom designed solid wood panel door for our school's production of The Shadow of a Gunman. The goal of this project was to apply the techniques I had learned over the semester to construct this door with only wood joints. The door is built using 5/4 poplar and the joints used were dados for the inset panels and mortise and tenon for the connection between the rails and stiles. Because our shop did not have a mortise bit, I had to drill each mortise and chisel them by hand


PROCESS PICTURE. To secure all the joints tightly, I used several bar and pipe clamps to hold the wood pieces as the glue set.


PANEL SAMPLE. Before fabricating the poplar panels, I practiced cutting the panel profile with pine stick lumber.


PROCESS PICTURE. This is a view of the door after removing the clamps.

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