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Revit Model.PNG

3D REVIT MODEL. This 3D model of the Woolly Mammoth Theatre was drafted using Autodesk Revit as a final project for our Advanced Drafting class. The learning goals of this project were to model multiple floor levels and walls, place and manipulate architectural elements, and effectively navigate the software interface.

Wolly Mamouth - Plate A11.PNG
Wolly Mamouth - Plate A2.PNG
Wolly Mamouth - Plate A1.PNG

DRAFTING SAMPLES. Once the model was completed, I then had to clearly plate floor plans of the Woolly Mammoth Theatre's orchestra and balcony levels and section views of the venue. We were also required to add a few dimensions and notes to the plan views to demonstrate our working knowledge of these tools.

Woolly Mammoth Theater

Revit Project
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